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"Dream without fear, love without limits" ~ unknown

  • How far in advance do I need to book?
    We suggest a minimum of 6-9 months, but we can work with shorter timeframes if we have your date available. Since we only book a limited number of weddings per weekend, we recommend securing your date with us by paying your 25% deposit as early as possible. Once your deposit is paid, we can sort through any changes or revisions to the order details later. Nothing needs to be set in stone until 6 weeks prior to your wedding.
  • How does the whole booking process work?
    Moondream Florals is here to make your wedding flower planning process as easy and fun as possible. In just 5 simple steps you’ll be ready to celebrate in no time! 1. CONTACT - Contact us to see if we have your date available 2. QUESTIONNAIRE - We’ll send you our detailed questionnaire to get to know you and your vision and define the key priorities for your big day. If we have additional questions, we can chat by phone as well. 3. DESIGN ESTIMATE – We’ll provide you with a general estimate for your overall wish list and recommend options that best suit your budget, priorities and venue. 4. PLANNING SESSION - Six weeks prior to the big day we'll run through all the fine details and review any changes to logistics so we can finalize your design plan. 5. WEDDING DAY – Sit back, relax and enjoy your special day. No need to worry, our team has all the details covered. Watch the magic unfold!
  • What floral arrangements are necessary for my wedding?
    Think about what elements of your day are most important to you. Is it the ceremony or the reception, or both? Where will most of your photographs take place? Consider investing in statement pieces for your most photographed areas. What memories do you want to look back on that should include flowers? You don’t necessarily need flowers everywhere and large quantities of smaller items add up fast. If budget is a concern, then skip the finer details and focus on the bigger picture. We want to highlight what’s most important and make those areas unique to you both.
  • Can I make changes to my order after booking?
    Absolutely! We know things change and your plans will refine closer to your wedding date. You’re welcome to add on items or make adjustments as necessary, as long as the total balance doesn’t fall below 85% of the original signed contract and are formally requested more than 6 weeks prior to your wedding day.
  • Don’t see an answer to your question?
    We love to help take the overwhelming nature out of planning your wedding. Send us an email with any of your questions at any time and we’ll gladly help in any way we can
  • Do you offer rental items?
    Yes, we have an array of rental items that you can utilize for your special day, including vases, candle holders, arches, stands and fabric. All rental items must be cleaned and returned within three days of your wedding. You’re welcome to provide any of your own items and often times your venue will have things that you can use as well.
  • Are some flowers only available during some months of the year?
    Yes, Mother Nature is in control when it comes to availability of specific flowers. We are a nature-based industry and at the mercy of weather conditions such as temperature, rain, drought, pests etc. These elements are out of our control and can dictate availability at various times throughout the year. Peonies, for example are only in season for a few weeks in NY, typically end of May through early June, but specific dates can vary with how warm or how wet the early weeks of spring are. For a list of some of our favorite seasonal flowers, see the link under the tools and tips section on the weddings page.
  • What makes Moondream Florals different from other florists?
    We are a floral design studio that specializes in weddings and events. Thus, our primary focus is on you and your special day. We custom order all of our flowers specifically for your needs and put in the extra effort to ensure that every detail is carefully thought out. Unlike retail florists who may be spread too thin across many different design services, we focus on quality over quantity. We only book 1-3 weddings per weekend so that we can give your big day the attention that it deserves. Our priority is to create a premium product that you will cherish for a lifetime!
  • Will you deliver my flowers on the wedding day?
    Of course! All of our weddings include delivery and onsite set-up and service. We will coordinate the timing and location of where everything needs to be throughout your day, whether it’s the ceremony and reception, or where you’re getting ready for photographs or for a first look. We’ll iron out all of these details during our planning session 6 weeks prior to the wedding. Please note, delivery and set-up fees are in addition to your wedding flower costs and will vary based on distance, logistics and extent of set up. If tear down is necessary at the end of the night, this is an additional service fee as well.
  • Do I need a theme or vision for my day?
    Nope! However, we do suggest that you do a little research about the types of design styles you like. Everyone’s tastes are different and there are many options when it comes to wedding flower designs. Even just a few inspiration photos can point us all in the right direction. You don’t need to have every detail thought out. We’re happy to help guide you and provide our professional recommendations on styling ideas.
  • Can I order a single arrangement?
    Unfortunately not. We are a boutique design studio specializing in weddings and events, thus we do not keep flowers on hand like retail florists. All of our flowers are custom ordered in bulk and thus due to the quantities that we receive, it is not practical for us to simply design one arrangement. While our primary focus is weddings and events, we do offer the opportunity to share our special luxury designs on select floral holidays throughout the year. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for updates on upcoming pop-up shops.
  • What do I need to know about flowers?
    Absolutely nothing! We know that not everyone is as into flowers as we are. That’s why you are hiring a professional. We know what’s in season, what color variations are available, when to order them and how to process them so they are in perfect condition for your big day! Leave the details to us, so you can plan your wedding with ease and enjoyment. What you DO need to know is that hiring a florist is a lot like shopping for shoes. There are a lot of different styles and options available, and every florist also has their own design style. Before you contact a florist, decide if their overall style and look is something you love. If so, then reach out and get the planning process started. We love inspiration photos and will use this to guide us in implementing your vision. Just remember, you are hiring their work and their style, and while we can make adjustments to fit your needs, floral design is an art and we want to be designing what we love as well. For example, not every florist loves using greenery (we do), just like not every boot is made for hiking. Pick a florist whose work you simply LOVE and your wedding will be a dream come true!
  • Where are you located?
    Moondream Florals is nestled in the East side of Canandaigua Lake in the quaint cottage community of Crystal Beach. We travel and service venues throughout the Finger Lakes region between Buffalo and Syracuse.
  • How much do wedding flowers usually cost?
    There is a lot of variability when it comes to wedding flower prices. It’s like trying to compare a high heeled shoe to a hiking boot. Both cover your feet, but serve totally different purposes. We are happy to work with your budget and recommend what will work best for your vision. Typically, we suggest 10-15% of your total wedding budget be allocated to flowers, however if florals are a significant component of your special day and the moments you want to remember, then 25-30% of your budget might be more appropriate. You can learn more about flower budgets on our weddings page, under the tools and tips section.
  • Do you have a minimum budget required to book with you?
    Yes, our minimum is $3,000, although most of our couples spend between $4,000-$6000 on flowers for a 100-guest wedding.
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